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Peaceful and Mindfulness MeditationPeaceful and mindfulness meditation for Wellbeing, Learn to connect with self-love, peace and source light. Manage challenging thinking and move forwards toward heart-based communication. We will be using Tibetan singing bowls to create a sound bath. High-frequency sounds cleanse the spirit and the soul, almost every culture in the world uses sound in some shape or form. I welcome you to share this experience with me.

Take a look at The Testimonials below from my previous peaceful and mindfulness meditation course.

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10-week course of guided mindful meditations
Eight weeks of the peaceful and mindfulness meditation course will be in person, and two weeks will be via zoom link, this will support you and be able to bring what you have learnt in the course, into your home and daily practice.

By the end of the course you will have learnt:
How to ground, how to send to yourself and connect with your own personal power, how to regain confidence in personal interactions, how to respond to energies/feelings/reactions, that do not serve you.
We will explore where you currently get support from and look at resources that you can develop in terms of creating a personal support structure, these can include your own personal spiritual beliefs, community support, activities that are not your ability to feel great in your body mind and spirit.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need to be a meditator? Do I need any experience?
No all you need is an attitude of being open to learning. Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome.
Q: What do I need to bring with me?
Bring some nice cosy warm clothes, a little blanket if you would like, a bottle of water and an open heart.
Q: I have tried meditation before and it has never worked for me, I cannot still the mind, what will be different about this?
Mindful meditation does not seek to control the mind, it works to support you in having a different relationship with your thoughts, and then we do not try to quieten the mind, as a result of regular practice, this can certainly happen.
Sessions one to 10 will include the following:
1. Awareness of the self; thoughts, feelings, reactions, responses.
2. Bringing Mindfulness to order anything so we experience in our daily lives.
3. Bringing Mindfulness to challenges that we experience in our daily lives, both personally and professionally.
4. You will learn how to respond, opposed to react to difficulties. Allowing and letting be, in relation to our thoughts and actions


Any questions please contact me: jagdeep@mindshine.co.uk | 07988 054509

Booking information

Wednesday 23rd March 2022
10 week course ( every Wednesday)
7.00pm – 8.30 pm
Brentford and Isleworth Quaker Meeting House TW7 5AZ

Nearest Overground is Brentford Overground  – 20 minutes Journey from Clapham Junction and 35 minutes from Waterloo.
Cost: £130. full details will be sent after enrolment.

Any questions please contact me: jagdeep@mindshine.co.uk | 07988 054509

Peaceful and mindfulness meditation
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Testimonials from the Peaceful and Mindfulness Meditation Course  in 2021

Thank you, Jagdeep, for creating these beautiful meditation classes. I feel so blessed that I had a chance to be a part of them. The course finished just at the right time before Christmas and this year I feel I am getting ready with more ease and peace in my head than it usually was. I feel that participating in meditation classes also helped me to raise my mood, as I was often feeling sad and depressed in previous months. Now I feel more positive, grateful and happy. I never considered silent meditation as something I could do, but now I see the benefits of it and I love it 💖 Also much appreciation for introducing me to chanting 🙏 When we did it first time in class, I felt overridden by joy and couldn’t stop smiling, every cell in my body felt like vibrating musical instrument. I fell in love with chanting and now practicing it at home.

Also I’m practising more and more mindfulness while I eat, talk to my children, go for walks, do every day chores, etc. – it makes me feel more grounded and have more pleasant interactions with people.

The most wondrous thing that happen to me was 7 day  fasting on the 7th week of meditation course. It was something I knew other people did, but I always thought I would most definitely be unable to do. It was transformational, because I realised that there are things I’m capable of doing and made me believe more in my abilities. Now I’m curious to know what else there is that I actually CAN do, that I thought before that I can’t.

Overall I feel like much peaceful, stable, joyful and connected person after finishing the course. I guess meditation really changes the chemistry in the brain 🤩

It was an amazing experience and I hope there will be more as I would definitely like to join.

Much gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful teacher 💖🙏.

There where things you said, that I’ve heard before, but never really took in, before I heard them from you “If you want something, ASK” – that really hit home

Thank you 💚


I highly recommend this course of mindfulness, Jagdeep is an amazing teacher and gave me really important tools for my personal development. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.


The mindful meditation 10 week course I attended was informative, well structured and productive  . I found the teacher, Jagdeep extremely knowledgeable and pragmatic in the approach to mindful meditation.  I have learnt many things  from this course and it has helped me immensely to over come bouts of anxiety and depression and low self esteem. I will use these useful tools of mindfulness for ever now and I thank you Jagdeep  for your teachings and global action for your generous funding .

Stephen B

I am so pleased I took this course! It has taught me to stop myself before an automatic response so I can interact with my children with increased patience and it has helped me bringing awareness to the moment-to-moment in my life, allowing me to observe happenings more calmly and to better appreciate my blessings.

Thank you so much, Jagdeep! 🙏🏼


Jagdeep is a truly engaging and enthusiastic teacher whose passion for promoting the amazingly positive effects of mindfulness are clear to see. Her sessions have provided me with essential tools to cope with the everyday stresses of daily life. One of her most endearing qualities and for me, the one which makes her a particularly effective teacher, is the time she takes  to truly connect  on a one-to-one level with all those who attend her sessions.

She really seeks to understand people’s concerns and their purpose for attending and how best the mindfulness tools can help. She is so wonderfully warm, friendly and above all authentic. I now feel  much better equipped to deal with the everyday trials and tribulations of work and family life and leave this course much stronger and happier. The techniques do take time to establish and it is not a quick fix, but your efforts are rewarded with a peace of mind and calmness as well as an over-arching appreciation of the world around you, which is priceless.  I highly recommended this  for everyone.