The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) has recently allowed members to publish testimonials from clients as outlined in the CNHC Code of Ethics. In order to ensure that these testimonials are authentic NCH can at any time ask for the contact details of people in order to verify their genuineness. This protects you from individuals that may simply create their own testimonials and ensures you are getting the genuine opinions of the work undertaken.

Surita’s Testimonial – obsessive feelings towards an ex boyfriend

“It’s unbelievable how much difference just a few hours of coaching and hypnotherapy can make to one’s life! I have been trying to change an emotional part of my life for several years but I just couldn’t do it, the loss of someone I thought I was in love with and could not get out of my head and my system. I choose to have a break through session with Jag deep and she in just two hours lifted me up and out and caused me to change immediately- , one that I will always remember! Obsessive thoughts that I had been carrying with me for years finally disappeared, a truly magical experience that has given me my sanity back. ”

Sept 2010

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Dawn’s Testimonial – A phobia of mice

“I was extremely afraid of mice before the first set of treatment I had, which was not with Jagdeep, to the extent that my doctor referred me for psychotherapy I would scream jump on chairs stand on tables and radiators if I ever saw one. This resulted in several days off work. After therapy this got better but I stopped this because the therapist wanted to bring a mouse into the session. I still slept with lights and TV on and was fearful of mice jumping out of the cupboards at me and would sometimes have friends stay over all night as I was so scared.

After the session with Jagdeep I went home and for the first time in years turned off the bedroom lights and had a normal night’s sleep. I don’t listen for mice now only on the odd occasion when something has upset me during the day. I can get up and move around the flat without turning on a complete set of lights and I don’t listen for mice everywhere that I go. My friend’s daughter has a hamster and before the sessions with Jagdeep I could not even go to her house, now I can. The therapy has changed my life for good.”

December 2010

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Daniel’s Testimonial – Issues with confidence

Before my sessions with Jagdeep I had very little confidence and self belief in my ability and performance within the work place. I had started a new high pressured job which was both stressful and challenging. I felt I was under performing and not capable of presenting or making myself heard during meetings. This got so bad that I started getting panic attacks where my hands would sweat profusely and my throat would become dry several times a day. I also wanted to take a change of direction in my career but with the lack of confidence and self belief, felt I was unable to do this at such a late stage in my life.

During my sessions with Jagdeep she really listened to my concerns and fears, and really helped me to understand what it was I really needed to focus on. Once she clarified my real needs she used a technique that allowed me to understand the root of my lack of confidence and instill this again. After our first session my panic attacks stopped completely!! And after several sessions with her I am no longer stressed at work and I’ve got my confidence back.

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Angela’s Testimonial – Issues with confidence and motivation

I really enjoyed my session with Jagdeep and experienced a feeling calm after each session.  She helped me understand my own inner dialogue and gave me manageable tools to overcome my low self esteem. How her session differed from other therapies was the effect lasted for longer and was faster to effect my thinking.  The word weaving technique effected the way I thought about myself in a very positive way. Her voice is relaxing and calm. I would recommend Jagdeep to my friends.

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Lavender’s Testimonial – Issues with confidence and motivation

I’m an amateur musician. I dearly wanted to develop my musicianship and move to the next level in playing, but overwhelming stage fright and anxiety in the lead up to concerts hampered my enjoyment and stopped me from taking opportunities that would help me develop as a musician.

Jagdeep and I spoke about what I wanted to achieve and what I would need to do to overcome my challenges so that I could achieve what I wanted. Then we had a hypnosis session. It was very easy. All I had to do was sit, relax and close my eyes.

After 2 sessions with Jagdeep, I performed in a concert and made one solo performance. For each event, I was incredibly calm. It was just amazing! My stomach did not churn once on the lead up to concert day. The nervous chatter and fidgeting that would have been apparent before either performance previously, just did not happen. I was able to enjoy what I was doing completely and got some positive feedback afterwards too, which I really appreciate.

Hypnosis with Jagdeep was a game changer. The biggest benefits for me are that:

  • I can manage my nerves! Now that I can remain calm, my playing is so much better and more enjoyable.
  • I’m much more focused, both on giving time to practice and in my practice. This means I’m better prepared for performances and moreover, it means I’m improving my technique and developing as musician, which is important to me.

So, with hypnosis:

  • I’ve learned to manage my nerves.
  • I’ve learned the importance of visualising the start and desired outcome
  • I’ve learned that my playing is so much better if I can remain calm.
  • I can be more focused both on and in my practice.
  • And, no matter how much practice I’ve done or not done, on the day, I just need to focus on doing my best and enjoying the experience!!!

Jagdeep is skillful and professional whilst being approachable and caring. I really felt understood and supported by Jagdeep and would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to make huge or small changes in their lives.

Thank you for everything. It’s great working with you.

March 2014

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