Cognitive hypnotherapy works rapidly to increase communication between what we want to do and want we actually do.

Using this technique you can create good communication between the unconscious and the conscious mind.When you have this communication you are able to get rid of old habits and integrate new and more useful ones.

Why has this conflict occurred?

We are all individuals and our reasons will be different, however one thing we will all have experienced  at some point is stress for differing reasons e.g due to bullying, neglect or feeling our emotional or physical needs were not being met, is a feeling of needing to protect ourselves; our minds set up a protective system.

In order for us to feel safe our minds and bodies might say – “GET THE HELL OUT NOW YOU CANT COPE WITH THIS!! ”

– at the time that may have been the correct response, however now responses from the past are outdated – using cognitive hypnotherapy you can update your mind to know that the past is over and that old responses are no longer necessary.

What to Expect From Cognitive Hypnotherapy:

You are fully conscious, the way I work is to have a good chat with some of your memories , in order to do that you need to be present. What you may feel at the end of the session is a sense of release and relaxation, I have known clients to feel nothing and then report a delayed response to their session. We are all different so we all respond differently.
What is most important for you to know is that you are in charge, there is magic in hypnosis I have seen it time and time again in the rapid changes that people experience, however you are in charge of the changes you want to make and I always work at a pace that suits you.

How Hypnotherapy can help you:

We all pick up baggage, that’s part of being human. Sometimes we are not consciously aware from where, sometimes we are very aware but can t seem to stop the UNWANTED spillage and REACTIONS that can seep or at worse explode out of that baggage.
Our baggage comes in many forms:



Have you ever tried to change or stop these habits or emotions?

Perhaps smoking? Getting irrationally angry? Feeling a lack of confidence or self esteem? Embarrassed about speaking in public? Feeling depressed? Irrational fears?

You really don’t want to do it, you tell yourself I am not going to get angry, feel depressed or be scared, I am not having that cigarette…

But before you know it you’re doing exactly what you don’t want to do. Sometimes the response is so instant you are reeling and only realise what you have done after you have REACTED.


Consider this:

Doing something well, consistently, is not an accident, it is a process and a helpful habit.
Doing something badly, consistently, is not an accident; it is a process and an unhelpful habit.

Trevor Sillvester –The Quest Institute

Like many others you want to be in the driving seat of your own life and to your responses to situations. However around specific issues you find yourself veering or crashing in directions and experiencing emotions and thoughts you just don t want anything to do with. Does it seem as if there is a “mini me” inside of you making decisions about your actions and emotions?

We could describe that mini me as your unconscious mind and it might seem small but boy it certainly makes decisions for you! You say one thing and you do another.

Your unconscious has a good reason for its behaviour, reasons it picked up once upon a time NOW they are outdated, however your unconscious does not know that YET!
Through Cognitive Hypnotherapy alignment and harmony is established between your conscious and unconscious mind. When that happens you are back in the driving seat and able to choose what your actions will be leaving old reactions firmly in the past and allowing you to choose how you RESPOND to situations.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with numerous issues:

Phobias can be completely let go of using hypnosis

Public speaking and exam nerves can be eroded

Anxiety can be reduced and confidence instilled or remembered

Relationship and career issues can be explored and healed using hypnosis

Support having an empowered pregnancy and birth

Bingeing and over eating stopped for good

With Hypnosis we can understand the reasons we over eat, remove the reasons with hypnotherapy and lasting change can be created

Fear and depression can be explored and resolved, often rooted in past experiences, healing those past memories can bring dramatic changes

Smoking can be STOPPED for GOOD

Hypnotherapy helps your mind to practice what it is you want to achieve and when our mind becomes aware of the direction we want to go in we are able to achieve exactly that.

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