To give you an idea of some of the types of issues I have worked with here are a few people who have generously agreed for me to talk about their situations and the fantastic changes they made as we worked together. All names have been changed to protect privacy.

David’s Story

David comes from a background of neglect and abuse; this included seeing violence and alcoholism as a child.

One of the things I noticed about David straight away was that he really did not want to repeat his parent’s patterns and that he is determined to have a successful life.

I saw in a young man of 19 that believed he could not read or write and who was getting in to fights and trouble with the law, an amazing emotional intelligence. Perhaps the fact that he has been diagnosed as dyslexic has supported that intelligence in being developed; I strongly suspect that these are the gifts from a very tough upbringing.

David wanted to get in to the construction industry so wanted to stop getting in to fights and to learn to read and write.

When I met him he told me in his second session that he had beaten someone up whilst drunk and had been arrested.  He knew his violence was out of control and wanted it under his control.

We worked together and after just a few sessions David told me that he was actually stopping fights. He prevented a man that his friends referred to as a pedophile, from being beaten up. He also stood strong when told that he should get involved in a gang fight – his refusal had physical repercussions for him – but he did it.

We worked together to change his responses to situations which in the past would have created a response of violence. Understandably his responses were linked to his past experiences. David was expressing his anger and a need to be able to protect his younger siblings through violence, acting out protecting and having control, something he had wanted to be able to do when he was four.

David described these incidents of violence as a consuming red overpowering his logical mind and body of all objective decisions, instead he would react and literally see red.

David is now more aware of his responses and more able to control them.  He retains his ability to get angry and sees this as important for the times that he needs it.

Following this work we began to look at his literacy skills. Within three sessions, having worked on the lack of confidence that blocked his ability to read and despite being diagnosed as dyslexic David was and is reading. As I said to David – “You make me look good!”

We continued to work together for a short while after this and I feel honoured to have been part of this young mans journey.

Dawn’s Story

Dawn has had a phobia of mice since she was seven years old. As a child she had lived in a home that was infested with mice. Infested to the degree that she saw them crawl up the curtains, along her bed and once even jump out of the cornflakes!! Aagh! If that doesn’t’ t freak you out you must be a mouse lover!

This affected Dawn hugely, she is now in her mid forties and has for the past 20 years been unable to sleep with the light of, always alert and stressed , listening out for the sound of mice, scared one might creep out of the cupboards or over her  bed as it had when she was a child.

She chose to have a break through session and within two hours we transformed her phobia.

In her next and last session she told me she had gone home and gone straight to sleep, turning of the light for the first time in many years. Though we have had no more sessions Dawn has reported that she is fine and sleeping great!

Surita’s Story

Surita is now about 30 years old. For the past six years she has been pining for a man that does not want to be with her, having heard about him I think she had a lucky escape! You know it is true Surita!

She told me that she wanted to stop thinking about him and that she was constantly sad and upset by the situation and just could not get him out of her head.

Sound like a familiar head job to any of you folks out there?!!

Anyway we worked together and over three sessions that we did as a 3 hour breakthrough session she just stopped thinking about him.

Jenny’s Story

Jenny is in her 40s and has suffered from panic attacks and heightened anxiety for over 20 years. There is a history of violence and abuse in her family from her father who had been violent towards her and her mother and also as she later recalled, within the session, her brother. Her panic attacks were mainly on escalators and confined spaces as her brother would lock her in a cupboard when she was under 10. This really impacted on her in terms of getting around, being in confined spaces e.g she had got so panicky she had fallen down the stairs in a theater.

After the first session Jenny stated that 90 percent of the anxiety had gone. By the second session we cleared all of it and now, as the change had been so rapid, it is taking Jenny some time to adjust to the changes as they had been more rapid than either of us had expected. As an unexpected bonus a neck problem that Jenny has had for X years has disappeared. Jenny says how the changes have been useful to her:
“I have suffered from panic attacks for many years and they have been so bad that I couldn’t even cross the road. It is difficult to describe the feeling when it is happening but it is the worst feeling and not one that I would wish on anybody else. My biggest problem was travelling on the underground, instead of travelling 45 minutes to work using the underground, I would travel over ground and it would take me two and a half hours one way, I was exhausted. I had previously sought help for the attacks, a variety of therapies that unfortunately did not work for me. After two sessions with Jagdeep, my panic attacks have disappeared. I now travel on the underground feeling relaxed and calm, I can cross the road and do not feel any panic amongst crowds. My quality of life has improved enormously and in turn my confidence has grown.”

These are just a few stories, changing stories, that I have had the pleasure of working with. I hope you found them inspiring. I know I did.

Rebecca’s Changing Story

Rebecca is a single mum who has put a lot of love and effort into looking after her child.  However she put herself aside and allowed herself to start comfort eating. Of course this comfort turns into pain when you start feeling bad about how you look, how your determination falters.

She asked me to help her take control of the urges that she has for chocolate.

“Before I decided to see Jagdeep, I was often depressed, my main problem since I can remember, has been being over weight with a particular obsession for chocolate, an obsession that started when I was a child.
During the session, Jagdeep was able to make me comfortable with the help of breathing exercises, her soothing  voice and the different techniques she used. Personally, One session was enough for me to make me stop eating chocolate and regain the confidence I had lost long time ago, and yes… I have also lost weight and now that I’m using some of the tools she taught me, I am determined to loose a lot more. This was a session that I will never forget because it helped a huge deal to change my life around.
I completed trusted Jagdeep as a therapist, she is professional, prepared and there is a beautiful energy around her, not to mention that I highly recommend her.

Marcia’s Changing Story

Marcia is in her early forties and when we met ready for a relationship.  We had three sessions in total during which Marcia was able to put in to practice the behaviours that would most help her be comfortable with herself and so men.

“Before working with Jagdeep I have issues around relationships and the way I related to men. Through the work we did together we did uncover some preconceptions I had about being unable to trust older men. We identify the time of my life when this perception was established and then worked on cleaning it up. Deeper down there were also issues that have created shame around the subjects of love, sex, and relationships, which we also worked on cleaning up. The work encompassed both hypnotherapy, long conversations and practical tips to change the way I related to men. By following those I started getting results almost straight away. Just before our last session, where we did some ‘resourcing’ to increase my levels of confidence and allow me to be relaxed and ‘my true self’ around men, I was happy to report I have just met a wonderful man which whom I connected easily and almost immediately. This kind of therapy really works, achieving lasting results in a short period of time.”

Daniel’s Changing Story

This gentleman is in his early 20’s and was getting nervous in meetings with over 2 people.  He did not understand logically why this was happening.  We unearthed a need in him for approval from his father, which he did not get as a child, unintentionally on his fathers part!  – we had two sessions – he was initially a very resistant client with low belief that this would help – it was a nice surprise for him that it did!

“I went to see Jagdeep as an experiment to see if hypnotherapy could help with presentation nerves.  I found the sessions very calm, relaxing and interesting.  I came away with some useful and solid techniques that have really helped since.  The visioning exercises and hypnotherapy were also very positive and whether it’s as a direct result of the sessions or not, I have had reduced presentation anxiety since.  I also feel generally a bit more confident and relaxed too.  I would definitely recommend Jagdeep as an empathic and talented hypnotherapy and personal development coach”

Angela’s Story

Angela is in her mid forties and moving from one element of personal training to another. She is dyslexic and has always struggled with written work.  The issue for Angela was about going beyond what she saw as her limitations.  I know from personal experience that she is an extremely talented teacher an, personal fitness coach.  We worked together looking at issues around motivation, the fact that there were core reasons for her at that moment, to not feel  motivated.  We worked at improving her motivation and also how she responded to challenges and how she was creating negative challenges with her internal voice.

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