Shine Coaching and training supports organisations and people in creating positive changes in their work environments and in their personal lives. We understand that productive, motivated employees are the key to a successful business.


• Companies with low morale and high sickness are companies that struggle to move forward

Are you a company that works towards growth and profits?

• We understand that to get the best out of people, people need to feel at their best and believe they can achieve their best.

• We understand that personal and work related stress is a factor to illness and poor productivity.

• We understand that a workforce that feels invested in is a workforce that is focused to invest in the company they work for.

• We understand that group dynamics can be the making or breaking of departments and the stimulus for initiative and the the cause for stagnation.


Companies loose many work hours from illnesses, including stress related illness.

Current statistics from the health and safety executive show:

In cases of work related mental ill health reported to THOR in 2002-2004 the most commonly reported factor was simple work pressure, which was mentioned in one quarter of cases. Interpersonal difficulties were a factor in 22% of cases, with traumatic events a factor in 10% and bullying or sexual harassment in 8% of cases. Consultant psychiatrists reported NCOs and other ranks in the UK armed forces as the occupation with the highest incidence rate of work-related mental ill health in 2002-04 at around 17 times the overall average, followed by medical practitioners (16 times). A consistent pattern in self-reporting surveys is that professional and managerial groups have the highest rates of work-related stress, anxiety or depression, particularly teachers, nurses and other public sector occupations.

What we offer:

• Group Training packages tailored exactly to your needs.

• One to one coaching using solution focused and goal orientated techniques.

• Positive Psychology strategies that examine where your strengths lie and what your challenges
are and support to work with strengths or develop areas of weakness.

How we can help:

Group Training:

Onward and upwards a workshop to support motivation and change-:

Individual’s come into a role with a specific skill set, however often the change from one role to
another requires changing skill sets. This workshop identifies what you are doing right and what needs to be developed. Understanding this means internal transitions can be made easier and companies are more likely to keep hold of valuable staff.

They are not difficult they are just different:

Team Dynamics, Dynamics is not derived from the word dynamite for no reason! Understanding each other’s strengths and challenges can ensure the right person is doing the right job as well as supporting us in understanding how we all tick, dance to the beat of a different drum, glide, smash or bounce!! When we understand each other we are more likely to be able to work with differences, communicate more effectively and understand that that person just is not you.

Building over Blocks to Success:

Recognising and responding to developing strengths can support individuals in knowing what needs to be worked on and devising a strategy to work on in order to achieve and remain motivated.

This workshop will provide a practical and structured way of supporting individuals in preparing themselves both mentally and practically for changes that they would like to create. We will examine how our language, thinking and behaviour impacts on our outcomes. By understanding the positive reasons behind negative behaviours we can develop strategies to enhance positive behaviours that lead us towards our goals.

This is just a few of the workshops we offer, we aim to provide workshops that are tailored specifically for your needs, please contact for further discussion and information

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