Frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy. Contact Jagdeep for more information about Shine.

How long is a session?

I like my sessions to be 90 minutes – I don’t want you to rush and I want to have enough time for you to both speak about the situation, and to use hypnotherapy and other techniques to create solid changes that you can notice over the weeks to come.

However, I understand that some people would prefer an hour session and if that is what you prefer, please just say and we can organise that in terms of time and investment.

How many sessions will I need?

I ask most people to budget for at least four sessions, in general I like to see people every two weeks. There are some issues that can be dealt with in one session, and there are other issues that require a lot longer. If I believe after four sessions, that you are going to require a lot more work, then I will be happy to discuss a financial investment that is comfortable for you.

This is generally for folk who may be experiencing long-term issues such as depression, Bulimia and other severe mental health issues.

Why can you work with so many different issues?

If you look down the list of the treatments I offer you will see that most of them are stress-related in some shape or form.

As I do not use scripts, and have been taught to create scripts that are specifically aimed at you and your situation, it makes it possible to work with a number of different issues.

Will I be unconscious?

NO!! You will be completely aware of what is going on, in fact it is quite important that you are, as in the first session you and I have a good old chat with your deeper mind or what is commonly known as the unconscious or subconsious mind. That part of you that has made decisions that are unhelpful to you.

Hypnotherapy is a little bit like redecorating the inside of your mind, memories ideas and beliefs that are not useful to you are simply acknowledged, and gently but firmly redecorated so they no onger have the impact they used to – a bit like taking the air out of a balloon.

Will I remember what happens to me in the session?

Yes, you will remember what happened in the session and you will be in complete control.

Does cognitive hypnotherapy work with children?

Absolutely it does, I worked with children at kids company as a cognitive therapist, I found that children are incredibly receptive and able to create changes very quickly.

Is cognitive hypnotherapy a healing modality?

Cognitive hypnotherapy helps you to access the mental resources and resilience to do what is needed to support well being. By accessing the power of your mind you can support healing your body.

If you have any more questions that I have not answered please feel free to contact me and I will be very happy to awnser them.

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