Exam stress

What we think creates emotions, What we feel ceates results! Choose your thoughts – create your life !!

Life is full of stresses, it’s not that we don’t havestresses it’s more about how we manage them. What I offer:

1. Frequently stressful reactions are linked to earlier events. In the event that this is happening, I work with your child to release the anxiety and experience of previous situations.

2. I teach strategies that are specific to them and the exam situation they are going into. 

3. Every child/youngperson receives a bespoke audio to help embed the changes we make in our sessions and to prepare them for doing the exam in a way that allows them to do their very best.

Get your mindset right and everything else follows 

Exams are just an opportunity for us to show off, when you can go into an exam knowing that you are going to do the best you can within a situation, it becomes so much easier to get where you want to get to.


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I work from offices in Central London, Brixton, South London and Heston, I am conveniently located near Ealing, Hounslow, Osterley and Isleworth.

Contact Jagdeep For A Free 15 Minuite Consultation