Dieting Does Not Work!! Change your mindset and your body follows!!

Can cognitive hypnotherapy help weight loss

Yes, it can, by learning to be in harmony with our mind  we can learn to make choices that help us lose weight from our bodies.

Hypnotherapy Can Help Weight Loss and Obesity

Hypnotherapy can help to get rid of  self loathing and even the  hatred we direct at ourselves for not being able to be in control – the constant beating ourselves up unfortunately creates conflict between what we want to do and what we actually do.

By releasing guilt  and other destructive emotions about our bodies and eating, can  support our unconscious mind to work with us rather than against us

Boredom eating and Emotional eating will become a thing of the past

Using cognitive hypnotherapy we can uncover  decisions you made about food at some point in your life – heal those choices and update them to  ideas that are more about how you want to feel about yourself and food today.

The list goes on and on – everyone has different reasons, some based on a life experience, others on silly unintentional remarks.

Feeling comfortable in your body is what most of us want and so the dietary industry was born supporting us in feeling rubbish about our bodies!


The dieting industry depends upon that in order for us to continue using fads, one after the other, perhaps losing weight for a short period of time only to put on more after a few weeks.

As a teenager I suffered from bulimia and piled on the pounds after an off the cuff remark from my dad – it took years for me to get my body back to a sense of balance – I was not fat at the point of that comment – I was after I began counting calories and dieting!

I hope my learning’s can help you as I learnt that the only way to keep your body at a size that you feel comfortable with is to have a different relationship with your mind,  body and food.

Getting to a size you are comfortable with is about a lifestyle change, allowing yourself to eat when you are hungry and NOT when you are trying to fulfill some kind of emotional need – your NOT Giving up Something you are simply allowing yourself to Feel great!!

There are many issues connected with food and our bodies: by using cognitive hypnotherapy, coaching and other techniques including EMI, Eye Movement Integration, solution focused talk and NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming changes can be made.

FEELING GREAT IN YOUR BODY IS YOUR RIGHT! Learn habits that are simply about doing whats right and what feels great for your body!!

How can hypnotherapy help weight loss and obesity?

Our minds are amazing and ultimately want the best for us, at some point your mind and body started seeing and experiencing food as an issue for some as a negative thing, for others as a comfort that turned into self loathing.

In order to regain control over your eating here are some of the things that I would work with you around:

  1. Learning about where your bad eating habits come from and supporting you to create new healthier thoughts about food.

  2. Developing consciousness around when and what you eat and why you are eating =Learning to enjoy your food

  3. Developing a positive self image whilst you reduce unwanted fat.

  4. Working with your mind to support you in releasing fat that your body has learnt to store.

  5. Developing new lifestyle choices that support your body and mind in feeling the very best that they can

We  would work together around  your weight loss using coaching conversations and cognitive hypnotherapy techniques. Cognitive hypnotherapy will help you put yourself back in control in order to take the actions you need to in order to feel happier about your body and the coaching will help keep you on track towards your goals.

I work from offices in Central London, Brixton and Heston covering, Hounslow, Isleworth, Ealing and  South London London

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat and to ask any questions it would be useful for you to ask.

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Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat and to ask any questions it would be useful for you to ask. | 07988054509

I work from offices in Central London, Brixton, South London and Heston, I am conveniently located near Ealing, Hounslow, Osterley and Isleworth.

Contact Jagdeep For A Free 15 Minuite Consultation