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FREE Meditation Group to align the body, mind and spirit

It has been such a difficult time for so many people, there has been a real sense of disconnect, real losses, if you have been experiencing challenging situations and emotions this meditation group is the right one for you.

Moving from Fear to Hope

Free one to one sessions for every participant – every participant will be offered two free one-to-one sessions where you can discuss your specific needs and receive a support through a variety of strategies that include, cognitive hypnotherapy, eye-movement integration, Emotional freedom technique, or solution focused conversations. In this space you are welcome to bring issues that are specific to you, these are normally priced at £110 a session and are being offered to you for FREE

Do I need to know how to meditate?

No, both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome, you’ll be guided through the whole process.

Meditation is proven to support reducing stress, anxiety and depression, each and every day we wash our bodies, meditation clears the mind supporting us in being able to deal with life’s challenges with more grace and ease.

Over a period of 10 weeks we will work with the elements, and your own personal belief systems, to bring harmony and create concrete strategies to support you in coping with these difficult times, difficult situations and emotions.

Guided Meditations

Each week through guided meditations, visualisation techniques and healing strategies we will focus on a different element to cleanse and clear the physical, mental emotional and spiritual bodies:


Fire is the energy that moves us forward, the energy that clears transforms and transmutes difficult feelings and emotions, this is the first element that we will be working with through guided meditations.


The Earth provides us with everything we need, we will be working with Earth to support your connection with the present moment through grounding and centring.


Where would we be without water, our bodies are 70% water, we will be working with water to create flow and cleansing.


Is with us every second of our lives, in every breath we take, it is the great circulator we use it to support our words, it propels us forward.

Course Details

Date: Wednesday 29th September 2021
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
including an optional silent meditation practice 8.30pm – 9.00pm


Brentford, exact location TBC

What will I need

An open mind and a clear intention of what you would like to achieve, Please feel free to bring cushions or anything else that supports you in feeling comfortable.

For more information, questions and to book course and individual sessions please contact

Tel: Jagdeep 07988 054509 | Email: