Cognitive Hypnotherapy for phobias

A phobia is a strong usually uncontrollable fear of something.  Phobias come in all shapes and sizes and could include:

  • Mice phobia

  • Insect phobia

  • Water phobia

  • A phobia of heights

  • A phobia of flying

  • A Banana phobia

  • A Dog phobia

  • Women (relationships)

  • Men (phobia)

  • Dentist and needle phobias

  • Blood phobias

  • Going out of the house phobia

  • A phobia of crowds

  • A phobia of public speaking

  • Sadly the list is endless

Cognitive hypnotherapy can work  rapidly to rid you of phobias.  In my experience I have found that a phobia can be shifted within the first and second sessions,  for others it can take longer.

Using cognitive hypnotherapy to deconstruct how your phobia is sitting in your head simply means we shake up how you are holding the idea of the phobia in your mind so transform its structure – when we change that using cognitive hypnotherapy and techniques it encompasses e.g. NLP and EMI we can change your responses.

E.g. if you are holding the memory as a coloured image by simply turning it in to a black and white image we can reduce its intensity.

If you have a phobia that is blocking you from enjoying your life or causing you unwanted distress cognitive hypnotherapy can help to shift them by simply rewiring the way you are processing information about the situation or thing.

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I work from offices in Central London, Brixton, South London and Heston, I am conveniently located near Ealing, Hounslow, Osterley and Isleworth.

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