Children and Young People

“I came out of the entrance exam I told dad that I could not do the maths no matter how hard I tried, my father looked at me so disappointed – I felt I had let him down.”

This is typically what I find has gone on for most clients, children, young people and adults  – this child’s brain interpreted the problem as him being a failure – when I meet that child at 30 he is still running that BELIEF.

Of course poor old dad definitely never meant to impact his child in that way, however that’s exactly how this child processed that information at that specific moment in time. – Its a misinterpretation – A REALLY UNHELPFUL ONE!!

Stressful experiences can affect a child’s self-confidence and create emotional blocks.

Some of the issues that children come up against can include:

Feeling Bullied

Feeling that they are not good enough

Feeling that they are unable to make friends

Feeling that they do not know how to learn

Strong feelings  make us feel stupid or  inadequate- and that goes for children and adults!!!

When we are children we are extraordinarily sensitive, simply because our brains are still developing and so a bit like a sponge – We   take in LOADS of information and not all of it is processed accurately.

At times – simply because we are children-experiences are misinterpreted by the developing brain

I work  to take those incidents that have created beliefs that are destructive and change them into more positive beliefs that match what the client wants to believe and create.

It is a bit like updating your hardware -a decision made about oneself is changed to a decision that’s far more useful and far more relevant to this moment in time.


The Good News!!

Just as the brain can miscalculate, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy it can easily release old beliefs and create new more useful beliefs!! 

What we teach our children they will believe so lets give our ordinary children Extra-ordinairy messages
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EVERY Child deserves to believe they are EXTRAORDINAIRY!!

We want our children to feel great

We want our children to achieve

We want our children to be able to manage challenges and difficulties

We want our children to do well in exams 

We want our children to believe that they can create whatever lives they want to create for themselves

What we Think creates emotions– what we Feel creates actions, what we Achieve creates beliefs, What we Believe creates our lives.

Ordinairy Children, Extraordinairy Messages !!!

I also  work with children and young people around exam stress 

and around understanding their Learning Strategies – remembering and recalling 

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