Can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help pregnancy and childbirth?

Hypnotherapy is being used more and more to support women during pregnancy and childbirth and has been shown to have supported a lot of women during labour and giving birth see research below.

Confident Childbirth is a complete childbirth tool that teaches simple and effective self-hypnosis, anaesthesia, relaxation and breathing techniques for both labour & birth. 

How can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help pregnancy? 

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Pregnancy the natural process of creating new life

Being pregnant can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect, so many different things are happening some of you will be experiencing morning sickness, the pregnant brain kicks in and hormones can play havoc with your emotions, your body is carrying a child and literally building one out of food and hormones, it would be quite natural that your energy levels will change

Hypnotherapy can help pregnancy and childbirth using relaxation techniques that  support your mind and body in achieving a state that serves you during your pregnancy  supporting you to:

Manage your energy levels during pregnancy

Reduce symptoms of morning sickness

Support you in feeling positive and in charge of your birth

How can Hypnobirthing help childbirth?

As women we are constantly hearing of the challenges that women go through when giving birth, Confident Childbirth techniques using hypnobirthing can support you in feeling in control of your birth whatever occurs.

Issues around giving birth that women experience include:

  • Feelings of not being heard by attending medical staff during labour and childbirth
  • Feeling unsupported by partners
  • Feeling fear deep-rooted fear that have been instilled from others around the many stories of childbirth

I am a qualified confident childbirth practitioner; my aim is to support you in having a birth that is a positive birth experience, where you feel empowered, a birth in which you feel you have control

I work  with your goals for your pregnancy and the birth of your child

My aim as a confident child practitioner is to support you in having the most empowered birth you can have

Research around hypnotherapy and pregnancy:

There is a lot of research that supports more positive birth through the use of hypnotherapy

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When mum is relaxed the kids feel relaxed to!

Every woman is different and I will work with your specific needs.  I  will also support you in:

  1. Learning and embedding visualisation techniques that can move you towards  expecting a positive birth
  2. Self-Hypnosis techniques that help you during pregnancy and childbirth
  3. Developing assertiveness in ensuring your needs are met in the birthing space you choose
  4. An anaesthesia technique to support giving birth without anaesthetic if this is what you choose to do.
  5. Clearing negative emotions from previous difficult births
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