mindfulness meditation

How can Mindfulness meditation help you?

Mindfulness Meditation supports us in paying attention to the present moment. Often we are so concerned with the past and the future that it can stop us from being present in the moment. Through mindful meditation, we can help ourselves be present in the moment by bringing our awareness to our breath.

Why attention to the breath?

Our breath is the one constant, an anchor that helps us connect with being present.

How does it do this?

Our mind is constantly jumping from one thought to another, often we are not even aware that our mind is doing this. With a regular focus on the breath, we can learn to choose our thoughts, opposed to having our minds choose them for us.

Some of the areas that mindfulness meditation can help you with are:

  • Mindfulness meditation can support us in managing our stress
  • It supports us in bringing mindful attention to ordinary daily tasks
  • By bringing mindful attention to daily tasks we learn to RESPOND as opposed to REACT – putting you back in control of dealing with the challenges life brings.
  • For those of us that experience pain through illness or other health issues, through mindfulness, you can learn the difference between “experiencing pain” and “suffering” from your pain
  • Through mindfulness, we can learn to be resilient, able to deal with all that comes our way.


Research around Mindfulness Meditation

After a period of 6 weeks of mindfulness meditation, Oxford University researchers found that the amygdala, the part of our brain that controls our FEAR responses begins to shrink – and so consequently our fears reduce allowing us to manage stress, anxiety and life challenges in a more able way. This course is for a period of 8 weeks.

Personal Experience

I know mindfulness mediation changed my head from the buzzy thinking, worrying head to the calmer clearer head and so supporting creating responses to situations, stress and worry opposed to REACTIONS.

I have been meditating and doing yoga since my late 20’s – I spent about a year in India at the Isha Yoga Centre learning meditation and Yoga.

I can definitely say that Mindfulness Meditation has been a life-saver for me, we clean our bodies – what meditation does is take the trash out of your head – when you feel clearer life becomes more manageable, more joyful.

MBCT –  Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation is clinically proven to reduce depression and stress, all who try it are changed by MBCT Mindfulness based cognitive therapy.

Whether you have difficulties with your feelings and moods, or anxiety, or you just want to experience the undoubted benefits of meditation: calmness, lower blood pressure, better concentration and memory recall.

This course is approved by NICE for use in the NHS – and is taught in many hospitals. It is also a great starting point for anyone interested in what the fuss about mindfulness is actually all about.

I trained with the National Colleges in mindfulness meditation and am a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher,  a cognitive hypnotherapist and trainee psychotherapist.

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat and to ask any questions it would be useful for you to ask.

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I work from offices in Central London, Brixton, South London and Heston, I am conveniently located near Ealing, Hounslow, Osterley and Isleworth.