Learning Strategies

When we understand how we learn best it prepares us perfectly to do our best

Kinasthetic learners – learn through touching or doing.

Auditory Digital learners – use an internal voice

Auditory learners – learn through listening

Visual Learners – Learn through seeing

We are all a combination of these ways of learning – with some ways more predominay than others

The problem occurs when we use the wrong strategy in the wrong context.

Once you understand your specific learning strategy and implement techniques that work in alignment with it revision and learning become so much easier!

Whilst working with children involved in Anti Social Behaviour – most of whom were doing badly in school, I noticed that they tended to be highly Kinasthetic Learners.

Kinaesthetic ng

Visual learners – learn through seeing

There are more senses, however unless you have a cook, these are the main ones that you would be using to greater and lesser degrees.

We are frequently a combination of these styles -problems arise when we use the wrong learning mode for an activity.

For example a lot of children who are highly kinaesthetic might try and use their kinaesthetic sense to remember how to spell. This really doesn’t work very well – in this case we would teach a child to learn how to use their visual sense in order to recall and remember the spelling of  a word.

Each and every one of us is individual, in the first session I discover what your child’s learning strategies are and work with them to develop strategies that are helpful.

Once you know how to do it it’s easy!!!

NLP and Mindmaps Learning Overview and Outcomes

These study sessions are for young people who are interested in improving their ability to learn. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence and of how people who have achieved excellence have done so.   It is also the study of how we communicate and how through our communication we create our own subjective realities.

NLP provides a framework through which we can understand how each individual makes sense of his/her world uniquely through different personality patterns and sensory filters.

Each person’s memories, beliefs, values, decisions, favoured sense (Visual, Auditory, or Kinaesthetic), and what are called Metaprograms, develop over time into a unique ‘model of the world’. Each of us uses this internal map to make sense of the world around us. This map has a profound effect on our thoughts and behaviour, and our relationships with others because we tend to think that our map is the same as everybody else’s.

This map also has a profound effect on how we learn.  By understanding the map that a person uses to learn we can change our way of working with them and help them change a learning strategy that is not working to one that does or enhance and improve a strategy that is working.

By the end of the course participants will know

  • The three keys to learning
  • The difference between remembering and recalling
  • Study methods that support each learning type
  • Strategies and how to use them to assist recall including improving spelling
  • Using, creating and recalling  mind maps
  • An understanding of their current learning style
  • An understanding of the importance of an individual’s emotional state when learning

What I will do:

  1. Assess your child’s learning strategies
  2. Assess whether they’re using the correct learning strategy for the subject matter
  3. Support your child in developing learning strategies that help them to remember and recall
  4. Use therapeutic techniques that support your target letting go of all beliefs and patterns that are blocking them from learning.
  5. Teach techniques and strategies that help them to relax while they learn

I believe that those children could easily have been taught how to learn within a classroom structure that does not support thier particular way of learning – extremeley sad situation.

The good news is that you can teach your child thier specific learning style and adpt it so they can do well at school.  It is simply learning a new ay of learning.

For more information please see Learn How To Remember and Recall

Ordinairy Children, Extra-ordinairy messages!!


What we Believe Is What We are Able To Achieve !!

The world is full of ordinary children, give them Extra-ordinairy messages – EVERY Child deserves to believe they are EXTRAORDINAIRY!!

We want our children to feel great

We want our children to achieve

We want our children to be able to manage challenges and difficulties

We want our children to do well in exams

We want our children to believe that they can create whatever life they want to create for themselves


What we Think creates emotions– what we Feel creates actions, what we Achieve creates beliefs, what we Believe creates our lives.


Exam stress


Life is full of stresses, it’s not that we don’t have stresses it’s more about how we manage them. At bottom of pic

What I offer:

  1. Frequently stressful reactions are linked to earlier events. In the event that this is happening, I work with your child to release the anxiety and experience of previous situations.


  1. I teach strategies that are specific to them and the exam situation they are going into.



  1. Every child/youngperson receives a bespoke audio to help embed the changes we make in our sessions and to prepare them for doing the exam in a way that allows them to do their very best.

Get your mindset to do your very best and everything else will follow



Exams are just an opportunity for us to show off, if we can go into an exam in a relaxed fashion, knowing that we are able to and are going to do the best we can within this situation, it becomes so much easier to get where we want to get to.


I also work with children and young people around exam stress

and around Self Esteem

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